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What does this series do for you?

An excellent question.

I'm Mark Bremmer and I use Vue professionally for television, corporate and matte painting clients. This series takes the same no-nonsense, real-world approach to learning Vue. I assume you are on a deadline and need to get up to speed quickly.


Besides the essential learning, you'll have a chance to develop a very thorough knowledge of Vue's crown jewel: Ecosystems. Learn how to engage this powerful feature to create realistic outdoor scenes quickly.

Vue xStream Tutorials

Learn Vue and Vue xStream fast! The first few tutorial sections are free so listen to them and see if my teaching style suites you. This series is 11 hours long, has 131 movies and includes the work files!

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EcOsyStems, Animation and more...

Vue is truly the premier environmental software solution. Obviously, we cover the basics of the software tools but this series spends most of it's time actually showing users how to create scenes and avoid pitfalls.

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Vue 8.5


Why Choose this Series?

Vue Work Environment

Vue Interface Introduction
Window Customization
Camera Controls
World Browser
Content Browsers

Navigating the Interface

Managers & Menus Introduction
Notable Settings
Workflow Suggestions
Shortcuts & Gizmos

Vue 8.5 Improvements

Improvement Introduction
Cloud & Environment
Planetary Scene Creation
Poser Posing

Scene Building Essentials

Scenes Introduction
Primitive Objects
Infinite & Alpha Planes
Terrain Types
Object Load vs. Import
Rock & Scatter Function
Planets in the Background
Clouds - Meta Cloud Settings
Applying Textures
Grouping Objects
Boolean Objects

Scene Editor Details & Workflow

Editors Introduction
Improved Interface Usage
Twisting - The Mystery
Terrain Editor - Standard
Terrain Editor - Editing
Terrain Procedural Effects
Terrain Material Painting
Meta Water
Polygon Objects pt. 1
Polygon Objects pt. 2
Ecosystems pt. 1
Ecosystems pt. 2
Ecosystems Advanced pt. 1
Ecosystems Advanced pt. 2
Atmospheres pt. 1
Atmospheres pt. 2
Atmospheres pt. 3

Poser Integration

Poser Introduction
Importing Poser Content
Re-posing Characters
The Poser Shader Tree
Non Poser Rigged Meshes


Materials Introduction
Simple Material Editor
Advanced Material Editor
Essential Material Controls Basic
Essential Material Controls Advanced
Effects Controls
Advanced Mixed Materials pt. 1
Advanced Mixed Materials pt. 2
Advanced Mixed Materials pt. 3
Advanced Mixed Materials pt. 4
Advanced Mixed Materials pt. 5
Volumetric Materials Cloud
Volumetric Materials Hypertexture
Meta Materials
Alpha Planes & Maps
Translucency & Subsurface Scattering


Lighting Introduction
Sunlight vs. Directional
Spot & Quadratic Spot
Point & Quadratic Point
Light Panels
Track Light
Light Emitting Objects
Lens Flare
Light Gel
Volumetric Light
Connecting the Atmosphere

Ecosystems - Advanced

Advanced Ecosystems Introduction
Initial Surfaces
Initial Plant Placement
Secondary Live & Dead
Rocks & Dirt
Custom Alluvium Rocks
Alluvium Rock Distribution
Ecosystem Adjustments

Function Controls

Practical Function Introduction
Essential Node Controls pt. 1
Essential Node Controls pt. 2
Meta Nodes pt. 1
Meta Nodes pt. 2
Meta Nodes pt. 3
Meta Nodes Water
Functions for Objects


Camera Introduction
Camera Workflow
Camera Depth of Field
Post Render Options
Depth of Field FYI


Animation Introduction
Animation Wizard pt. 1
Animation Wizard pt. 2
Animation Essential Tools pt. 1
Animation Essential Tools pt. 2
Bugs & Basic Animation pt. 1
Bugs & Basic Animation pt. 2
Bugs & Basic Animation pt. 3
Link Response Random Motion
Animating Plants
Breeze & Winds
Motion Blur

Render settings

Render Settings Introduction
Basic Set-ups
Vue Render Buffers

xStream Integration

xStream Introduction
Using xStream in Host Application
Data Exchange

Wrap Up & Credits

Review & VUE Extras
About the Author